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Have the experience, ability & patience to settle your pet!

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 Collection / delivery can be pre-booked please ask when booking. 
Grooming service, whilst your pet is in are care they can be washed & clipped. 
Please read the bottom part before ringing.


About Us

Hollywell kennels & cattery is a family owned busy that was first started up in 1989 by founder's Pam & Mike Rayer. Both have gained vast of amount of experience over the years. In 2012 their son Antony took over the business with the ambition and aptitude shown by his parents. 

Antony Rayer has also worked with lot's of other animals, he started The Owl and Polecat Road Show, taking wild life around Herefordshire, then moving on to become the curator of a bird garden in Bournemouth, looking after over 300 parrots along with birds of prey and other animals. Later becoming the head falconer at a centre in Somerset, so he can also help with dietary care and husbandry of birds.

We are very capable of settling and gaining the confidence of all dogs & cats  trusted to their care. Contact us here.


We have 20 south facing individual main kennels, block built purposely with your dogs in mind. The kennels and cattery are fully insulated and heated during the winter months. Fresh water is always available, along with continual entertainment.

Hollywell is manned 24hrs a day, 365 day a year for the safety of your pet, out side are opening times the gate is locked. All arrivals / collections are with in are opening hours, viewing are by appointment only.    


Relaxed and having fun while boarding at Hollywell Kennels.

We are a mixed bunch all from different homes.

Spot your dog!

We encourage you to come to view the kennels/cattery and chat about your needs.


Our cattery is kept well away from our kennels.

We offer a personal, secure cattery, housing seven individual pens with hiding area if your cat is shy. There is a safety corridor where the cats can roam individually, whilst we are house keeping their pen. 


All dogs are exercised twice daily, off the lead in secure paddocks which are situated adjacent to the kennels. Should we find that your dog is not compatible with any other of our residents,  we will exercise them alone, to avoid confrontation.

All our dogs/cats will be provided with a well balanced diet. However if your pet is on a special diet or any medication please bring these along with you with your pet's, name and full instructions on them.

Everything is provided, but your pets own bedding will help them to settle in. All residents must be fully vaccinated and boosters kept up to date, please bring your vaccination card for inspection on arrival .

We don't insist on kennel coughhowever if your dog has had the vaccine, it must be at least 16 days before they come into the kennels. ( It is a live vaccine, and contagious) 

Please bring your up to date vaccination cards, as we will need to keep it over the stay of your pet.

  This is now a council requirement   


  • Collection / Delivery from £15.00 
  • Can be pre-booked, time and cost will be agreed depending on the location.

  •                                   Grooming service from £30.00
  • Whilst your dog is in our care, they can be professionally groomed by our kennel maid Izzy, all ready for when you collect them. Depending on your stay this can be as little as £10.00. 
  • Please ask when you drop your pet off. 


Price list for Dog's 01/01/18

 £12.00 a day for one dog per kennel.

 £18.00 a day for two dogs sharing a kennel.

Additional dog's sharing the kennel will be £6.00         per dog per day.

There is a minimum charge of £36.00 for short stays. 

If you book a cat in along with a dog.

 There is a reduction of 50p per day.

Please bring your vaccination card with you.

Any dog which need to be walked alone or is on Medication there will be an extra 50p charge per day.

Price list for Cat's 01/01/18

One cat per pen                               £7.00 per day.

Two cat's sharing                              £10.00 per day.

Additional cat's sharing the pen will be £3.00               per cat per day.

There is a minimum charge of £18.00 for short stays.

If you book a dog in along with a cat.

 There is a reduction of 50p per day.

Please bring your vaccination card with you.

Any cat on medication there will be an extra 50p charge per day.



Morning drop off between 10 am & 12 noon, after noon drop off 4pm till 6pm. You pay for that day, if you need to drop off any earlier then you pay for the day before as we need to keep a space for you.

Pets going OUT BEFORE 10am on the day agreed, there is no charge for that day, if you need an early pick up this can be pre a-ranged. Afternoon pick up is 4pm till 6pm with that day charged.

Adjustments may be made in unforeseen circumstances (please inform us at your earliest convenience should this happen).

                       Opening times; Mon, Tue, Thurs & Fri. till 6.00pm.  Wed and Saturday we close at 12 midday.  

A pre-arranged special collection / drop off 17.30 till 18.00 pm on Saturday is available.

We are closed all day Sunday.

Some Bank Holidays we close at 11am. We are closed Christmas day

Please do not come between the above times as the gate will be locked, for your pets safety. Thank you.

We do take bookings over the Christmas & the New year period. For Christmas day there is an extra £10 charge per dog, £15 for two dog's sharing & £5 per cat, they will have Turkey on the day if that is ok with their owners. 

To make a booking or any questions you may have, 

please contact us on 01432 870547 . 

As you will need to if you wish to make a booking. 

 Facebook ( Antony Hollywell ) to see pet's at play.

We are happy for you to come and inspect our facilities, but this must be by appointment so we can give you the time you need, also if you bring your pet long please bring the vaccination card thank you.


We are sorry to inform all our loyal & valid customers who have trusted us with their precious pets over the past 30 years, that due to a combination of circumstances the Kennels will be closing down the end of August 2019,we intend to honour any per booking up to the 18th of September.

We thank you all very much for your custom.


Hollywell Boarding Kennels reserves the right to to change any details.

Vaccination must be kept up to date, this is the owners responsibility, you must bring proof on each visit. 

Any pet with out a valid vaccination card, or a dog which has been given kennel cough less than 16 days before coming in can be refused boarding, this is for there own safety as well as other pets in our care.                               Please remember this is your responsibility, therefor you will be charged for the date's you have booked even though we can't have your pet.  

When you make your booking please be aware that pet's are to arrive after 10am. You pay for that day, if you arrive before you pay for the day before.

When you collect your pet, if it is before 10am on the pre-arranged day of collection, you will not be charged for this day.  

Please make sure that the dates you book are correct,  we will go over the dates with you, if we do not receive any change to your dates by phone with in 5 days before you are due to come in, you will be charged for all the dates you have booked.

If for any resign you no longer require the dates you have booked, please ring to cancel as we may have other people waiting for those dates.

Any cancelation will result in a minimum deposit of 3 day stay being required before the booking is taken.

Please respect are opening and closing times, any person try to drop off or collect their pet outside our opening times, will be asked to find alliterative arguments for their pet in the future. 

Hollywell will not be held responsible for any bedding or belongings that are brought in for your pets.  

Any food or medication you bring in with your pet, please put your pet's name on it, with any instructions you would like us to carry out thank you.

Sorry we don't except any raw meat diet.




Hollywell Boarding Kennels & Cattery,Dinedor. Hollywell Farm, Dinedor., Hereford, Herefordshire | 01432 870547